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The Fifth International Congress of Cardionephrology and Hypertension - Carnef 2021 ended in Pirot

The congress gathered over two hundred participants, doctors, biochemists and pharmacists. After nine successfully organized international meetings of the Association for Cardionephrology of Serbia, this tenth was a special and most difficult challenge, considering that it was organized in the conditions of a world pandemic and worsening of the epidemiological situation in the country.

Thanks to the great effort and enthusiasm of the organizers, the good response of lecturers, support of the city of Pirot, SLD Pirot branch and regional medical chamber for southeastern Serbia, it can be said that the Fifth Congress of Cardionephrology and Hypertension is one of the best gatherings of Serbian cardionephrology and fully lived up to expectations. The topic, content and quality of the lectures were the main elements of the joint assessment of the lecturers and listeners, that the Congress deserves an excellent grade.

A multidisciplinary team of lecturers - eminent experts from the country and abroad - announced their works. The main topic of the Congress was Cardionephrology in the light of the pandemic with Covid-19. The latest findings on the mechanisms of multiorgan damage in this disease, its clinical manifestations, diagnostic and therapeutic protocols, with special emphasis on acute and chronic complications of the heart, lungs and kidneys are presented. The issue of the impact of Covid-19 on specific populations, such as patients with diabetes and those on dialysis, as well as those with a kidney transplant, was also addressed.

Within the three days of the Congress, nine sessions, three plenary lectures, one educational seminar, a poster presentation and a forum for young doctors were held. The congress was closed with a round table on the topic: Pulmo-cardio-renal damage today - how far are we from realistic solutions to this problem? The special feature of this round table was the immediate opportunity to include, in addition to the team of lecturers, the participants of the congress with their comments, questions and suggestions. The necessity of better cooperation between cardiologists, pulmonologists and nephrologists in everyday clinical practice was emphasized once again, and not only at academic meetings. This cooperation would contribute not only to a better knowledge of the interaction of organs and organ systems, treatment and diagnosis of diseases but also to their prevention, which is an imperative of modern medicine.

Let this message be your main motive in working with a sick person, and let such meetings help achieve that goal




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