Serbian Cardionephrology Association

The main topics of the congress

1.  Cardiovascular system and Covid-19

2.  Kidney and COVID-19

3.  Pulmo-cardio-renal interaction in COVID-19

4.  What is important in understanding the risk factors and markers for the emergence of associated heart and kidney diseases in Covid-19 infection?

5.  Hematologic complications in heart and kidney diseases – causes of coronavirus - mechanisms and treatment

6.  Covid-19 disease in patients with a kidney transplant – early detection, mechanisms, treatment and protection

7.  Diabetes mellitus, Covid-19  and cardiorenal injury

8.COVID-19 and Hypertension: What we know and don't know

9.  Pulmonary and Reno pulmonary syndrome from the aspect of differential diagnosis and treatment

10.  Biomarkers associated with COVID-19 disease progression

11.  Pulmo-Cardiorenal injuries today - how far are we from the real solution for the problem?

12.  Experimental cardionephrology


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