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WKD 2017 Action in Nis, Serbia

 World Kidney Day has been marked in all towns in Serbia where centers for disease prevention exist, in the primary health care units, departments or clinics for treatment of kidney disease, and even in dialysis  centers. The program of celebration included the distribution of printed material and educational flyers adjusted to patients, as well as checking of bloodpressure.


There were held lectures on the role of obesity in the development of kidney damage, giving advices on how to live healthy in order to protect the kidneys. In the larger towns in Serbia, as well in Nis, were held press conferences, and speakers, eminent professors of the Medical Faculties spoke live on television about the importance and purpose of the action.

The central place of WKD celebration was in Nis, a city where the headquarters of the Serbian Association for Cardionephrology is. The Association has implemented a wide action during which is intended to involve as many citizens, to get them familiar with the issue of the impact of excessive weight on the kidney and to find out what our campaign motto mean:

Live healthy Eat healthy For

Healthy Kidneys!


In large shopping malls citizens had the opportunity to check their body weight, find out what is their percentage of muscle mass, body fat percentage and body mass index. On-site are given advices on how to protect their kidneys, how to calculate your own body mass index, and how to feed by trained team of young doctors and pharmacists. The action was attended by over 2,000 citizens.

At the same time the city held intense media activity through press conferences and TV program where Prof. Dr. Sonja Radenkovic with her colleagues from the Institute of Public Health explained to the audience the importance of obesity for kidney damage. A special lecture was held for all professors and teachers from the city of Nis. Popular lectures for students of Primary schools on the territory of the City of Nis, in total 33, have started on WKD. This means that more than 1,500 children will be able directly and through short lectures to find out why the kidneys are damaging if excessive food intake and not physically active. On the subject of our slogan was announced an art competition and children have already started to send their works (some of them are attached toreport).


From the 18th of March, we continued preventive work with the population within the pharmacies in Nis, where will be measured body weight, blood pressure and level of sugar. The continuity of this action will be particularly marked in the 3rd International Congress of Cardionephrology and Hypertension, where we anticipate a specific time to designate three best papers, published in 2016 in the field of nephrology or cardionephrology.  Prizes will be awarded at the opening of Congress.


We believe that these actions have real meaning if continual, and citizenship is repeatedly reminded to the prevention. I sincerely hope that our activities give some significance to this action.


Cordially yours,



Prof. Dr Sonja Radenković



Udruženje za kardionefrologiju Srbije, kao prudruženi član Svetskog Udruženja nefrologa zvanični je nosilac aktivnosti vezanih za obeležavanje Svetskog dana bubrega, 9. mart 2017. god



About ISN World Congress of Nephrology 2017

For the first time, an international nephrology congress focuses on diabetes and kidney disease, a worldwide problem, but one very important to Latin America and Mexico in particular. Join the ISN World Congress of Nephrology (WCN) in Mexico City from April 21 to 25, 2017.

Uniquely placed as a truly global meeting, WCN gives access to international medical expertise in renal treatment, research and care, from bench to bedside. You will get a genuinely enriching and professional exchange of knowledge with world-renowned nephrologists, and endocrinologists at this meeting.

Maintaining sustainable kidney health on a global scale through education and training is our mission for each congress. WCN 2017 is your chance to connect with the nephrology community in a compact setting, and take advantage of this great opportunity to interact with colleagues as well as explore and understand the critical importance of diabetic kidney disease.

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