The Fourth International Cardionephrology and Hypertension Congress has finished in Ribarska Banja

There were 249 participants at the congress, and a total of 76 lectures were held, 57 by invitation, and 19 in the form of free press releases. The work of the congress took place through mini-symposia, educational seminars, thematic sessions and plenary lectures.

The invited lecturers were a multidisciplinary team composed of eminent experts in the fields of cardiology, nephrology, endocrinology, pulmonology, pathophysiology, clinical pharmacology, biochemistry, vascular and cardiac surgery. For the second time, pharmacists, chemists and biologists also took part in the congress. Almost half of the invited lecturers were from medical faculties and clinical centers from abroad (Italy, Spain, France, Israel, Slovenia, northern Macedonia).

The conclusions of the congress emphasize that it is necessary to enable further development of cardionephrology and accept that this interdisciplinary branch of medical sciences is the only one that gives us scientific and professional bases for a good understanding of the complexity of etiopathogenetic mechanisms of associated heart and kidney damage. The increasing frequency of these lesions indicates the need for continuous teamwork of cardiologists and nephrologists with the obligatory cooperation with other profiles of experts.

The future in the development of this discipline requires better coordination of basic experimental trials with clinical needs, especially when it comes to new diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.